New member Svenja Thoes in an interview

With the inclusion of the current Age Group World Champion (25-29) Svenja Thoes from Germany, the Sport For Good team will be supported by another high-class athlete this season and will continue to support its sponsorship.

In the exclusive interview with Team Sport For Good (TSFG), Svenja talks about her beginnings in triathlon sport and what importance it has for her to be part of this great team.

TSFG: How did you hear about the Triathlon-Sport and when was the point you wanted to try?

Svenja: I participated in the raffle of a large tourism company in 2012 when they were main sponsor of the IM 70.3 Mallorca.
In fact, I won the slot, with hotel and flight for the competition. The information came in January, the race was already in May. I was just jogging with my dog ​​in the forest before, never really doing "sports".
Nevertheless I wanted to take up the challenge and start at the Ironman 70.3 in Mallorca. Most importantly, I wanted to do something that "hard".
In the end, I became second in my age class and suddenly had the slot for the World Cup 70.3 in Las Vegas. From that moment on it was clear to me: I want to continue the sport!


TSFG: How does your life outside of the sport look like?

Svenja: Apart from sport, my passion is flying. I work at a German airline since 2011 and love the company and its spirit. I study sports management and have now moved to Luxembourg, where I also earn some money as a swimming instructor.


TSFG: Combining profession and sport is not easy. How do you do that?

Svenja: This is an ever-recurring question, which I also ask myself sometimes. It simply must be work; so I put everything together somehow.

TSFG: What does it mean for you to be part of the TSFG?

Svenja: It was a huge honor for me to be affiliated in the Team Sport For Good. All members are very experienced athletes and it makes me very, very proud now to be part it.

TSFG: What goals do you have for your first season in the TSFG?

Svenja: I see this first year as a apprenticeship year. I would like to learn from the other athletes and use their experience for myself. I plan to start again in Kona / Hawaii as Age Group and I hope that my performance, like last year, will be a positive surprise.

TSFG: What makes the triathlon so special to you?

Svenja: I love triathlon sports especially because of the fresh air. You have a lot of time for yourself. Nevertheless, there is a cohesion, especially now in Luxembourg, with the other athletes. Besides, there is always at least one of the three sports that you can exercise, if certain muscles, tendons or ligaments do not run on high-speed.